dimanche, novembre 14, 2004

Me Run Tings

Tings nah run we...I wish, I wish, I wish. I have about as much restraint as R. Kelly in middle school or maybe perpetual hair tosser Beyonce in a weave shop.

I indulge in miscellany and eschew tasks until the final hour when I inevitably have cramps, a headache or a sore throat as I do at this very moment.

Writing is penitence sometimes. The process. I gotta finish this De La review but I just don't feel like it. I wanna watch Malcolm in the Middle and Arrested Development in my apt with a nice piece of vegan sweet potato pie.

I need to call a million people back. I need to stop being such an asshole. I need to stop being lazy. I need to take responsibility for my success, for my true happiness in a major way.

I stayed at Devin's Thursday and Friday nights and since she is in possession of the original laptop and no internet service, I couldn't touch base with this my cooler side. We had a heart to heart Thursday night. She let me know what I already know, that regardless of what has transpired the future is for me to make it, my life is for me to make it.

I made one baby step for animal kind by bonding with her Chihauhau "Quiche Cuchifritos McCalla" or "Chetty" for short. I have a love/hate relationship with animals. I love the fact they are alive but I hate them in my presence but that's apparently changing so who knows what's else to shift in the near future.

L.L. whom this lady never loved was not lying when he said "cars drive my with tbe booming systems," here in my new Ft Greene apt (yes I finally signed a lease) cars drive buy with booming systems every day. You gotta love black people except when you're trying to get some sleep or some quiet time to write.

Keep it real on Christmas and every other day of the week?
Just lazin' JB