lundi, novembre 15, 2004

Human Nature

It hurts to talk but my mind keeps racing. It hurts to think sometimes too. Not now. I'm good trying to finish this EDO.G feature with a horribly sore throat and light head. But I remember a time when each breath was like a swift kick in the chest, when each night's sleep was a night awake tossing, turning and soaking my pillow with frustrated tears. Aww heartache. I guess that's what it was. I never told anybody about it 'cause I never wanted to admit my heart was open. I can't remember why I was so torn up but I do remember who did the aortic damage.

I really wish I could remember the why, the trigger for that not so funny feeling. The scent I could follow in search of the beauty that preceded the pain.

CSI is on right now on Spike TV, the men's channel. I guess its appropriate. Grissom sent search dogs out in search of a bad man. In the Michael Jacksonian sense that might be my future course of action.

I'll get back to this writing shit if I don't get to distracted with HBO's programming. Brown Sugar is on. I got a sweet tooth something terrible.